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How to determine if LVM volumen it's wrong ?


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execute, run or lunch the next commands

lvscan .-  on apply this command you might find if  any logical volumen is active or not.  e.g  it might show the next information

 Couldn't find device with uuid MliqfX-golY-od4d-z9ro-6Dbm-yYaj-6WaDRb.
  inactive          '/dev/vg_raptorcache/lv_raptorcache_1' [931.00 GiB] inherit
  ACTIVE            '/dev/debian/root' [9.31 GiB] inherit

here it show second line that warn INACTIVE,  and posible cause is UUID can't to be found.

should look which is the group owner of it LVM device , on this case is vg_raptorcache

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