How got free Option compliance Test for UBITIQUI AIROS

25.05.18 | by admin | Categories: EQUIPAMENT UBIQUIT
run ssh  and lunch the next commands CODIGO: touch /etc/ persistent/ ct save reboot more »

Commands Lines for remember

04.08.16 | by admin | Categories: SCRIPTS
command lines more »

how to capture the IP's that browse facebook

29.07.16 | by admin | Categories: MIKROTIK
adding this script on the mikrotik console /ip firewall mangle add action=add-src-to-address-list address-list=log chain=prerouting content=facebook log=yes log-prefix=facebook what will it do ? - named a file as log - added a address list of all ip's… more »

Enable NAT Protocol OPTION

13.05.15 | by admin | Categories: EQUIPAMENT UBIQUIT
- this options allow us through between a wLan and lan and if you disabled this options, you should to use or specific rules statics in order pass-through router. there are services or part of applications  that need arrive without nat (transversal nat)… more »


13.05.15 | by admin | Categories: EQUIPAMENT UBIQUIT
On AirOS this options allow us , to change  the annten only in order to use like ROUTER, and no beam sign simply to use like house router internal. more »

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